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06/DEC/24 - 14/DEC/24


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From the charm of the Pyramids of Cairo, to the Nile Cruise reaching the Red Sea

Are you ready to leave for Egypt with World Mappers?

From the enchantment of the Pyramids of Cairo, to the Nile Cruise in search of the wonders that have made this country magical and fascinating and, finally, a swim in the Red Sea in Hurghada, on the coast of the Red Sea to swim in the splendid coral reef.

A unique journey together with people from all over Italy that will surely leave you with an indelible memory!

Cancellation insurance: € 00.00 / person

€ 2.390,0/person

Secure your seat by paying a deposit on the trip (you will be refunded 100% if the trip is not made). Do not miss the opportunity to live an experience with us that you will never forget.


BOOK WITHOUT THOUGHTS - 100% REFUND Are you thinking of leaving but booking makes you a little anxious? Don't worry - if you can't leave due to new rules, we'll refund you.


DAY 1:


Are you ready for this exciting journey? We remind you that you manage the flights in complete autonomy and today we are waiting for you all in Cairo. Free evening and dinner. We will give you information on the arrival time so that we can all meet at the airport, where your adventure companions will be waiting for us! Overnight in Cairo / Giza.

DAY 2:

DISCOVERING CAIRO: Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum

After breakfast at the hotel, you will set off to discover the Pyramids of Giza where you will see one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Great Cheops pyramid (2690 BC). You will continue to explore the rest of the Giza Plateau, including visiting the pyramid of Khafre, son of Khufu, the second largest pyramid at the Giza site; and the pyramid of Menkaure the smallest of the three; all proudly guarded by the famous Sphinx. After the lunch break we will explore the Egyptian Museum, the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East which houses the largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities in the world and where Tutankhamun rests. Free dinner. Tonight we enjoy some nightlife in the capital of Egypt. Overnight in Cairo / Giza.

DAY 3:


Departure by plane from Cairo to Aswan. Once landed in Aswan we will visit the famous Abu Simbel temple. Colossal statues flank the main hall, which leads to the sanctuary where four deities sit: Amun Ra, Ra Horakhty, Ptah and a deified version of Ramesses II. The temple was built with such precision that two days a year, February 22nd and October 22nd, the sun's rays enter the temple, pass through the main hall and illuminate the innermost statues. Another rock-cut temple to the north, known as the Small Temple, is dedicated to the goddess Hathor and Ramesses II's great royal wife, Queen Nefertari. On the facade of the Temple, her colossi are the same size as those of her husband, a very rare example of such display. Free lunch during the day. Return to Aswan, historic border city and connection with neighboring countries, today an unmissable destination for anyone visiting Egypt and wanting to experience its essence. Tonight we will sleep in a typical Nubian village to discover the local culture. Dinner in the Nubian Village and overnight in Aswan.

DAY 4:

NILE CRUISE BEGINS - DAY 1: Philae Temple, High Dam & Unfinished Obelisk

Today is a special day because our super Nile Cruise begins! After breakfast and a free morning in Aswan, we will visit Philae Temple. We will have lunch on board our ship and in the afternoon visit the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Nubian Village. Dinner and evening on board our beautiful cruise

DAY 5:

NILE CRUISE - DAY 2: Kom Ombo, Edfu, Temple of Horus & Esna

Dopo la nostra colazione a bordo, tutto pronto per esplorare Kom Ombo. Arrivare a questo famoso tempio, è un'esperienza incredibile, grazie alla prospettiva che si crea man mano che ci si avvicina. Dopo la visita del tempio torniamo a bordo della nostra nave per il pranzo. Continuiamo a navigare verso Edfu dove ci fermeremo per visitare il suo tempio. Situata sulla sponda occidentale del Nilo è il luogo dove sorge il Tempio di Horus, che con i suoi 2000 anni è tra le opere più giovani e meglio conservate del paese. Coperto e protetto dalla sabbia per secoli prima della sua riscoperta, è giunto a noi in ottimo stato, mantenendo perfettamente le statue a forma di falco, animale simbolo di Horus, e le pareti interne decorate con geroglifici che narrano leggende legate alla famosa divinità. Torneremo a bordo della nostra nave per goderci la vista del fiume direttamente dal ponte e rilassarsi in piscina. Cena e serata a bordo della nostra bella crociera.

DAY 6:

CROCIERA SUL NILO - GIORNO 3: Valle dei Re e delle Regine, Tempio di Karnak e Tempio di Luxor

After our breakfast on board, all set to explore Kom Ombo. Arriving at this famous temple is an incredible experience, thanks to the perspective that is created as you get closer. After visiting the temple we return aboard our ship for lunch. We continue sailing towards Edfu where we will stop to visit its temple. Located on the western bank of the Nile, it is the place where the Temple of Horus stands, which with its 2000 years is among the youngest and best preserved works in the country. Covered and protected by sand for centuries before its rediscovery, it has come to us in excellent condition, perfectly maintaining the falcon-shaped statues, the animal symbol of Horus, and the internal walls decorated with hieroglyphs that narrate legends linked to the famous divinity. We will return aboard our ship to enjoy the view of the river directly from the deck and relax in the pool. Dinner and evening on board our beautiful cruise.

DAY 7:


After breakfast, check out at 08:00 when we will leave our Nile cruise for a new adventure. We will leave the hinterland and the Nile River to reach the Red Sea, whose beaches and sun are there waiting for us. Next stop? Hurghada. After the 4 hours of travel we will reach the coasts of the Red Sea where we will spend the last days of this incredible journey. It's time for some well-deserved relaxation and to tan under the sun! Free time to lie on the beach or by the pool, or for activities of your choice. The city of Hurghada transforms in the evening, so a tour of its trendy clubs is a must. Overnight in Hurghada.

DAY 8:


Good morning Red Sea! After breakfast, a day of total relaxation or to explore the seabed. We can opt for an extra boat trip, sailing on the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea where, during the trip, we will have the opportunity to snorkel and admire the rich marine life and colorful corals. We will relax in Orange Bay, and in the afternoon we will visit the center of Hurghada where we will admire the majestic Al Mina mosque. Last evening to end this magical journey in style: Hurghada by night. Overnight in Hurghada.

DAY 9:


Unfortunately our journey in this magical country ends here. For those who still have time available, free time in the city or relaxation on the beach! WARNING, SPOILER ALERT: this will not be a goodbye... just see you until the next adventure together!

NB: The itinerary may undergo variations based on weather problems, timing and/or other unpredictable situations during a road trip. If we are unable to complete the entire itinerary described due to any situation that occurs, no blame should be attributed to the coordinators who travel with you and share your same passion for travel.

Image by Hossam M. Omar


· All nights described in the Programme
· Medical/baggage insurance
· 2 nights in Giza, hotel with spectacular views of the Pyramids
· 1 night in Aswan in a Nubian Village
· Typical dinner in the Nubian village
· 3 nights on board a Nile Cruise Ship, from Aswan to Luxor, in a Double Cabin with Private Bathroom - All meals included
· 2 nights in Hurghada in an ALL INCLUSIVE resort overlooking the Red Sea
· Excursion to Abu Simbel, one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Egypt, with minibus transfer from Aswan and Italian-speaking Egyptologist guide
· Domestic flight from Cairo to Aswan with 1 checked baggage
· Transfer by air-conditioned minibus from Luxor to Hurghada

· Italian “World Mappers” coordinators
· Medical/baggage insurance
· Complete assistance


· International flights Italy - Cairo + Hurghada - Italy
· All meals where not specified in the itinerary
· All entrances not specified in the itinerary
· Personal expenses
· Optional cancellation insurance € ____ per person to be confirmed at the time of registration
· Anything not expressly described under "the price includes"


Health Info and Vaccines:
Please consult the website to check which documents and vaccinations are necessary for entry into Egypt.

Extra expenses: Indications on daily expenses for meals and everything that is optional and not included in the fee.


Meals NOT INCLUDED: they are free, everyone can choose what they prefer to eat. Approximately €30/40 per day for meals, of course it depends on your personal choices.

Detailed information for the purchase

Consult the Website:



From today taking a flight has never been easier!! Here are all the instructions for purchasing the ticket from the airport of your choice... and once you land, the coordinators will take care of reuniting you with the rest of the group!


Or if you prefer to manage it independently, here are the indications:

From any city you will need to purchase the outbound flight to Cairo International Airport (CAI)

ARRIVAL DATE You must arrive in Cairo on Day 1 (06 December 2024).

SUGGESTED FLIGHTS: from MXP Air Cairo 9.30pm - 02.15am+ or Egyptair 1.35pm - 6.20pm or Egyptair 4.50pm - 9.35pm


You will need to purchase your return flight from Hurghada International Airport (HRG).


On the day of departure, i.e. day 9 (14 December 2024) in Hurghada you will be completely autonomous in managing the check out times relating to your flight.

SUGGESTED FLIGHTS for MXP Easyjet HRG-MXP 19:45 - 23:25


If you wish, you can request a free quote for the return flight for this trip. It will be sufficient to send an email to


Passport: intact and with 8 months of residual validity from arrival or identity card with 6 months of residual validity and 2 passport photos


Visa: to be requested upon arrival at the airport by presenting the same documents and 2 passport photos (approximately 25 euros) or (RECOMMENDED) DO IT FIRST online at the website

Vaccinations: None

Difficulty: easy, for everyone.

Where to sleep: Hotel or Typical Accommodation + Nile Cruise

Tour Escort: non-professional in Italian, who acts as coordinator and linguistic-cultural mediator, and various local guides.


Transportation: Minibus, Nile Cruise Ship, Domestic Flight


For everything regarding clothing, equipment and other practical advice, we will send you an email complete with all the tips necessary to best prepare you for the experience.


A few days before the trip we will also create a whatsapp group with all the participants to coordinate even on small aspects.

Image by Steffen Gundermann
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