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04/JUN/23 - 11/JUN/23


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€ 1.490, 00  /person

Are you ready to go to Israel with the World Mappers?

Mystery, spirituality, culture, fun and a lot of pride, all of this awaits you on this journey to discover a fascinating country like Israel.

A unique journey together with people from all over Italy that will surely leave you with an indelible memory!

Cancellation insurance: € 35.00 / person

"WORLD5" discount - € 74,50

€ 1.415,50 / person

Secure your seat by paying a deposit on the trip (you will be refunded 100% if the trip is not made). Do not miss the opportunity to live an experience with us that you will never forget.


BOOK WITHOUT THOUGHTS - 100% REFUND Are you thinking of leaving but booking makes you a little anxious? Don't worry - if you can't leave due to new rules, we'll refund you.


DAY 1:


Are you ready for this exciting journey? We remind you that you manage the flights in complete autonomy and today we are all waiting for you in Tel Aviv. We will give you information on arrival time so that we can all find ourselves at the airport, where our adventure companions will be waiting for us. For those who arrive the day before or in the morning, a free day to spend, why not on the beach or starting to wander around Tel Aviv.

DAY 2:

Departure with the local guide to explore the Mediterranean coast of Israel from the famous city of Caesarea, a splendid port city. This ancient Roman city boasts impressive Roman ruins, including one of the largest amphitheaters built in Roman times. We will then continue our journey to Haifa. It is the third largest city in Israel and its second largest port. Scenographically situated on the slopes of Mount Carmel, it rises from the Mediterranean in a series of steps. We will visit the Baha'i Shrine and Gardens and much more. The Old City of Acre is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features impressive city walls, a charming harbor, and an oriental bazaar. We will learn more about the history of the ancient city, wandering the historical streets known by the Greeks, Byzantines and Ottomans. Return to Tel Aviv for the evening, free dinner and overnight.

DAY 3:

Departure for the holy city of Jerusalem where we will discover the city thanks to a guided tour. As we travel along the Kidron Valley, you will be able to admire the view of the Garden of Gethsemane and the city walls. We will discover the Armenian quarter, enter the Wailing Wall square or visit the bazaar. We will retrace the Christian Quarter and the Via Crucis, also known as Via Dolorosa and finally we will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the holiest site to the Christian religion and remembers the place where Jesus was crucified and buried. Finally we will walk along the Byzantine Cardo, the main street, and arrive in the renovated Jewish quarter. Free lunch during the day. Free afternoon for shopping or getting lost in the narrow alleys of the Old Town, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Typical dinner in a Jerusalem restaurant and overnight.

DAY 4:

Departure for the Masada Fortress, ancient ruins in the Judean hills with a breathtaking view of the Dead Sea. We will admire the archaeological site of Masada, a fortress built by King Herod, whose ruins are perched on a plateau. We will visit the ancient fortified palace of Masada which became a refuge for fanatics who took a stand against the Romans, which ended with the mass suicide of fanatics in 73 AD, and walk among the remains of the palaces and admire the mosaic floors and the Roman thermal baths. We will then continue our journey to the Dead Sea Beaches in Ein Bokek. Here are free changing rooms and showers. For those who just want to take a quick dip in the Dead Sea, this is the easiest (and cheapest) place to go. Alternatively there are local beaches in the area. Some advice for the Dead Sea: do not get your eyes wet with salt water, do not drink the water, wear an old bathing suit because the salt water could damage the fabric. After this relaxing afternoon, return to Jerusalem for the evening, free dinner and overnight stay

DAY 5:

Departure for the city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ and King David which is located in the West Bank or Palestine. After passing the checkpoints, the well-known checkpoints that you hear so much about that divide Israel from Palestine, we will arrive in the town of Bethlehem. Here we will visit the Basilica of the Nativity with the Grotto of the Nativity, Manger Square and the old town with the souk. We will go on a hunt for Street Art to see some of the most beautiful works, such as those by Banksy and finally we will take a trip to the Wall that divides Israel from Palestine. Return to Jerusalem for free lunch, and in the afternoon we will return to Tel Aviv. Typical dinner in a Tel Aviv restaurant and overnight.

DAY 6:

Everything is ready to celebrate one of the biggest Prides in the world: Tel Aviv Pride!

Free day to celebrate Gay pride and the fight for the defense of LGBT rights together with people from all over the world. The city glows with color and energy, demonstrating its reputation as the Gay Capital of the Middle East and one of the most gay friendly capitals in the world.
At 12:00 the parade begins! Accompanied by festive and creative floats, thousands of locals and visitors will march along the route. After the parade, Hayarkon Park will host a great afterparty, with music and dancing throughout the night. The concert and "Love Stage" party following the parade will be chaired by international DJs along with some of the biggest Israeli names. Free dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 7:

Free morning in Tel Aviv, a city that is just over 100 years old, founded in 1909, yet encloses, among its white streets that lead to the sea, a river of millenary tales and legends that are intertwined with the legendary history of the country. Its name, mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel, is formed by the words: "Tel", "hill" or the result of the stratification of the past, and "Aviv", "spring", with the meaning of renewal and rebirth. It is a vibrant and festive city, the country's creative and technological hub, a modern city, open and tolerant, full of markets, open spaces in which to enjoy the sun all year round and trendy bars and clubs, which are not they have nothing to envy to the more popular ones in Miami or Dubai. Don't miss the Carmel Food Market, which was the first market built in Tel Aviv in 1920. Its streets and alleys are filled with bustling life, noises, tastes and smells from hundreds of different stalls as well as small cafes and restaurants. Recommended is the Nahalat Benjamin neighborhood which dates back to 1909, the same year that Tel Aviv was founded. This pedestrianized neighborhood is full of beautiful fabric shops and ethnic restaurants, and its architecture will take you back to early 20th century Europe. The bustling heart of modern Tel Aviv along Rothschild Boulevard is also worth exploring. Due to its unique architectural beauty and historical significance, this part of Tel Aviv, usually called the "White City" of Tel Aviv, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Free lunch.

After lunch, we will take the opportunity to make a trip independently to Jaffa, the ancient commercial port of the city, where the ships loaded with cedar from the forests of Lebanon, used to build the First Temple of Jerusalem (Temple of Solomon), docked. Today, Old Jaffa is a center of artists and merchants, a row of antique shops and booksellers, art galleries and cafes, where you can stop and admire the sea. It has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with sites that have over 3,500 years of history. We will admire ancient mosques and medieval churches, including the famous St. Peter's Church.

Rest of the afternoon free to explore the city, explore the streets of southern Tel Aviv in search of street art or relax on the beach of the Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv, painted in the colors of the rainbow in honor of Pride Month. Free dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 8:


Unfortunately our journey to this magical country ends here.
But it won't be goodbye ... just see you on your next adventure together!

NB: The itinerary may be subject to variations based on weather problems, timing and / or other unpredictable situations during an on the road trip. If we are unable to complete the entire itinerary described due to any situation that occurs, no blame should be attributed to the coordinators who travel with you and share your same passion for travel.

orgoglio moda


· All overnight stays in a hotel in a double (or single) room with breakfast
· Rental of vehicle (s) without driver (from day 1 to day 5 inclusive), including insurance with a deductible of 5% of the value of the car, unlimited km and fuel. Request availability to drive
· Italian coordinators
· Tourist Guide in Italian for FD Cesarea-Haifa-Acri

· Tourist Guide in Italian for HD Masada and HD Jerusalem
· Enter the Baha'i Gardens sites in Haifa
· Round trip cable car to Masada Fortress
· Percentage in support of the projects visited
· Dinner in Jerusalem (Day 3)
· Dinner in Tel Aviv (Day 5)
· Entrance fees to museums and attractions
· Medical / baggage insurance
· Comprehensive assistance

· Return flight from Italy
· Meals and drinks not indicated in the program
· Fuel
· Optional excursions
· Optional cancellation insurance € 35 per person to be confirmed at the time of registration.
Anything that is not described in the "the fee includes"

Extra expenses: Indications on the daily expenses for meals and everything that is optional and not included in the fee.


Meals: they are to be considered about 25/30 Euros per person per meal per person but obviously it depends on the choices of the group. We will go to restaurants, apartments, families, cooperatives, on picnics; collaboration is required for the preparation of meals during picnics. Any special requests must be reported in advance (vegetarians, food intolerances, etc.)

Detailed information for the purchase

Consult the Website:


Documents & Visas: a passport is required, with at least six months of residual validity.

Vaccinations: None

Difficulty: Journey for everyone

Where to sleep: Hotel or local structures in double or triple rooms with private bathroom

Transportation: Self drive rental car. Request availability to drive.


From today, taking a flight has never been easier !!
Here are all the information to be able to buy the ticket from the airport of your choice ... and once you land, the coordinators will take care of reuniting you with the rest of the group!


Do you want to book without worries?
We'll take care of your flight!
Free and without commissions add the rate indicated during registration (choose whether to leave from Milan or Rome), the baggage is already included!


Or if you prefer to manage it independently, here are the indications:

From any Italian city you will have to buy the outbound flight to the city of Tel Aviv and return flight from Tel Aviv.
You must arrive in Tel Aviv (TLV) on the date of Day 1 (see itinerary)
You will need to purchase the return flight from Tel Aviv (TLV) on the date of day 8 (see itinerary)
On the day of departure, that is, day 8 in Tel Aviv, you will be completely independent in managing the check-in times for your flight.

Pride Parade
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