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AMARILIS PHOTOGRAPHY | Vibrant Shooting & Destination Wedding | Map'Advisor

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I'm Marilisa, professional photographer specialized in destination wedding, I work in Europe and everywhere in the world there is a love story to tell. I was born and raised in Puglia, southern Italy, but I feel at home only when I travel. Traveling I learned to grasp the nuances of different cultures and traditions, knowing the peculiarities of rites of different religions. Traveling is my passion, my goal. Photography gives me the opportunity to travel and capture emotions and get to know different people and cultures. I am a very simple person. I'm not that good at expressing myself with words, but I prefer to communicate with my photos. I take care of the details, they enchant me. I'm always looking for a magical light, the light draws everything; I pay the utmost attention to small people with great meaning: two hands seek each other, one look meets another, a hug, a spontaneous smile, an accomplice gesture. People in love with each other are my inspiration and my passion. Love makes the world go round!

I met photography for the first time in college years. An SLR camera was my gift when I graduated. Taking photos became a job when, in my early adulthood, I wondered what I should do with my life and what made me happy. The answer was to translate my idea of ​​love into images. I'm not your typical wedding photographer, I prefer an intimate wedding in an unusual and wild location, symbolic rites full of personal messages but above all original banquets and crazy parties. Simplicity and emotion are the keys to a successful wedding reportage and for life.

Touching people. Telling stories. Holding emotions.




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