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Telephone +1 (888) 211-7178

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Discount Code: WORLDMAPPERS50

50$ discount - valid till December 31st

Who has never dreamed of traveling around the world with a photographer at their disposal? Do you want to capture the memory of your trip or a special moment in your favorite city? We have the solution for you! Thanks to Flytographer, you can book a photographer wherever you are in the world.

Who is a Flytographer? A local photographer ready to take beautiful pictures of you during your most beautiful trips. When traveling we are used to taking a lot of photographs but believe us, having a photographer at your disposal allows you to enjoy the moment even more, without having to think about anything.

Booking a Flytographer shooting is very simple. Find a photographer available in the destination and on the desired day, once the appointment is confirmed you will receive the plan of your shooting and the contact details of your photographer. Once the shooting is finished, within five working days, you will receive the photos directly on your Flytographer profile, ready to be downloaded. Our photos arrived while we were still travelling, allowing us to share them immediately on our social networks.

We tried a Flytographer shooting on our trip to Bali. We had the pleasure of meeting Bayu, a Balinese photographer who immediately gave us excellent advice for our photographs. The location we had chosen was the rice fields of Tegalalang and Bayu advised us to be there at dawn to make the most of the light on the rice fields, and we did! We spent an hour in Bayu's company in which we had a lot of fun, we joked, laughed and learned new things about the local culture. The result? We let you judge it directly from the shots in this article.

We have tried the one-hour package (which involves sending 30 shots) but the Flytographer packages are different and suitable for every need.

Hire an amazing Local Photographer, anywhere in the World.

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Discount Code: WORLDMAPPERS50

50$ discount - valid till December 31st



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