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LE VELO FOTOGRAFIA | Shooting & Wedding in Puglia | Map'Advisor

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Info & Contact

Sissi e Carmela

WhatsApp/iMessage +39 39 3403729578

Official Website

Wedding and couple photographers in Italy, Europe and around the world.

We tell your love story with images, highlighting emotions.

Hi guys! We are Sissi and Carmela,

In 2006 our passion for photography let us meet and get to know each other and in 2011, after years of practice and study, we decided to "get out of the comfort zone" and to change our working career by founding "Le Vélo photography". In those years it was not usual to have a woman as a wedding photographer, we were even two, a couple in work and in life. Le Vélo photography best interprets our way of life, our way of telling, our history. We have always been lovers of travel, nature, beauty and design. We live in Puglia but we work all over Italy, in Europe and all over the world. For us, the bicycle is synonymous with freedom, adventure and freshness. An ancient charm with an eye to the future. For us every single couple, every single story, every detail is important. Ours is a real story of the day, made of smiles, emotions and unrepeatable moments that make your wedding unique. We love working with natural light, creating bright, romantic and remembered photographs over time. The right mix of reportage and artistic photography, with a delicate and never intrusive approach to marriage. The most beautiful part of our work, after the creative part, is the emotional experience.




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