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SILVIA SALA PHOTOGRAPHY | Shooting & Wedding in Venezia | Map'Advisor

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Hello there! Nice to meet you, I'm Silvia, born in Bergamo but currently living in Venice. Photography has always been my greatest passion, I can say I fell in love with it when I was attending elementary school during the art course and the teacher explained us the basics. I don't know how it happened exactly, but I remember I felt like a "calling" and I started going around saying that I would have become a photographer one day. The need to immortalize the moment is what brought me to become a photographer. I think that memories are the most precious thing we have and without them we wouldn't be what we're now. I strongly believe that photography is the most authentic and immediate way to keep them and to share them with everybody, that’s why I chose this job. I love when my clients after a trip in our beautiful country thank me for the good memory I gave them. I take pictures of solo travelers, couples and families. I’m based in Venice but I work also in Milan and Bergamo. I love to travel so I’m available everywhere in Italy and beyond!




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