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VENICE PHOTOGRAPHER KINGA LEFTSKA | Shooting & Wedding in Venice | Map'Advisor

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Info & Contact

WhatsApp/iMessage +447463262793

Official Website

Hello! I am Kinga and I am stoked you’ve stumbled across my work in here. I believe it happened for a reason :)

I am a couples photographer based in Venice, Italy but my adventurous lovers take me for shoots all around the world. I believe in capturing raw emotions and blending them in with art. Capturing love artfully, preserving the smiles, looks and feels give me life and I couldn’t imagine my life without all the beautiful souls I get to work with. If you enjoy a little sneak peek of my portfolio and you’ve just been searching for a Venice photographer with a unique eye, feel free to give me a shout. I’ll be more than happy to watch a sunrise or sunset with you - just like I did with Simone & Marco, when capturing your love in the meantime!




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