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Gay Guide • BARI | What to See, Where to Stay, Best Gay Bars and Restaurants | LGBT Guide


Discover this City with our Quick and Practical Guide to Visit the Best Attractions, Savor Typical Dishes and Have Fun in the Best Gay Bars. All this through the Rainbow Eyes of the World Mappers


What to See, Best Places to Sleep, Where to Eat and to Have Fun in BARI?

Find it out with the World Mappers !




Bari Vecchia (Old Bari)

Don't miss a pleasant walk through the historic center of Bari. Lose yourself in its labyrinthine alleys and observe the people: children playing in the street and ladies at the door making the famous "orecchiette" and leaving them to dry in the sun. The best of the center of Bari are also the hidden squares, ideal for sitting on a bench and reading, taking pictures or simply resting.

Orecchiette Street in Bari

The typical Apulian pasta now famous internationally. We are talking about orecchiette. The typical hand-making of pasta in some alleys of Bari Vecchia takes place right on the doorstep. The street of Bari's orecchiette par excellence is Via Arco Basso, not far from the Norman-Swabian Castle in the heart of the ancient city, but you will happen to see the ladies intent on this process almost everywhere.

Basilica of San Nicola of Bari

Walking through the historic center, you come across the Basilica of San Nicola, built in the 12th century to house the relics of the saint. A beautiful example of Apulian Romanesque.

Cathedral of San Sabino

A few meters from the Basilica of San Nicola we find the Cathedral of Bari or the Cathedral of San Sabino. It is worth remembering that the cathedral hides inside a crypt built on Roman foundations and an ancient Christian basilica.

Fort of Sant'Antonio

In the Bari Vecchia area, don't miss a nice walk along the walls up to the highest point, the Fortino di Sant'Antonio. Originally built to hinder sieges, today it is the meeting place for the people of Bari and a panoramic point from which to enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

Norman-Swabian Castle

One of the icons of Bari. On the border between the old city and the modern part. It is a Norman-Swabian castle built in the 12th century, destroyed during the Byzantine war and rebuilt a hundred years later. The building houses the office of the Superintendence for Architectural and Historical Heritage.

Piazza del Ferrarese & Piazza Mercantile

Two of the most beautiful squares to see in Bari. Piazza del Ferrarese is located between the historic center and the sea. A very lively square full of places to eat something (don't miss the panzerotti!). Furthermore, in the center of the square there is an archaeological area from the Roman era. Continuing you come to Piazza Mercantile, with the column of justice in the centre.

Promenade Nazario Sauro

With its 9 km length it is one of the longest walks in Italy. The best time to visit is at sunset, when the street lamps are lit and the sun seems to sink into the sea.

Via Sparano & Corso Cavour

The commercial heart and soul of Bari. In these two streets there are a lot of shops and clubs. Don't forget to look up and admire the beauty of some buildings that overlook right here. Among these, the one that amazes the most is Palazzo Mincuzzi.

Petruzzelli Theatre

In Corso Cavour is the fourth largest theater in Italy. It is possible to visit its interiors by booking a guided tour.



Visiting this city at its best depends essentially on how long you have to fully enjoy it. Here is a solution based on the number of days available to you:

(By opening the Maps with Google, you can easily follow our path)



We advise you to book the best excursions here: Viator - Musement - Get Your Guide

Alberobello & Grotte di Castellana

Polignano a Mare & Monopoli


Ostuni & Castello di Carovigno

Bisceglie, Trani, Andria & Barletta

Locorotondo, Cisternino & Martina Franca

Gravina, Altamura & Cava di Bauxite di Spinazzola

Gargano (San Giovanni Rotondo, Peschici & Vieste)

Lecce & Otranto

Gallipoli & Salento


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Hi Hotel Bari **** ® Tested by World Mappers



10 BEST RESTAURANTS in BARI Quality / Price

€€ - Ai Due Ghiottoni Ristorante (Seafood Restaurant)

€€ - La Muraya Ristorante (Seafood Restaurant)

€€ - La Tana del Polpo ® Tested by World Mappers

€€ - Al Pescatore (Seafood Restaurant)

€€ - Le Giare (outside the city center)

€€ - Ristorante Terranima ® Tested by World Mappers

€€ - Ristorante Biancofiore (Seafood Restaurant)

€€ - Il Sale (Seafood Restaurant)

€€ - La Bul




Makumba Tribe Village (Serata Gay) ® Tested by World Mappers

La Ciclatera (Gay-Friendly Bar) ® Tested by World Mappers

Reverso (Gay-Friendly Bar) ® Tested by World Mappers

Babylon (Serata Gay)

Eremo Club (Molfetta - Serata Gay)


TRAVEL TIPS about BARI by World Mappers

  • At the end of the Lungomare di Bari you will find a small beach with a rather strange name, Spiaggia di Pane e Pomodoro, very famous among the inhabitants of Bari. A small beach with grassy areas and lockers, perfect for enjoying the sea without leaving the city.

  • If you want to experience an adventure in the center of the Earth, then the Grotte di Castellana, a few kilometers from Bari, are an unmissable destination. The visit is possible with a guided excursion to a depth of about 70 meters, which will allow you to walk among caves with fantastic names, canyons, stalactites and stalagmites. A truly suggestive and fascinating place.

  • Did you know that there is also a blue city in Puglia (and not only in Morocco or India)? It is a small medieval village where the houses are painted blue, creating a truly unique and magical atmosphere. Don't miss the sweet and colorful Blue Village of Casamassima, a few kilometers from Bari.


Unusual and Particular Places to See in Bari

Outside the classic places to visit of the city, there is a "Secret Bari" that has simply bewitched us. Here are the 5 Things and Places to See in Secret Bari (and Surroundings):

  1. Underground Bari - One way to get to know a mysterious Bari through a guided tour that starts from the Norman Swabian Palace.

  2. Porto Vecchio "N' dèrr'a la lanze" & Chiringuito - "N' dèrr'a la lanze" as the Old Port is called. This strange nickname means "the spear ashore", from the habit of throwing the fish at the foot of the boat, and represents the quintessential place of the Bari soul. At the Molo San Nicola every day, sea permitting, you can watch the buying and selling of the catch, with a splendid view of the Art Nouveau Teatro Margherita. While the city of Bari is changing and innovating, the area of "N' dèrr'a la lanze" does not lose its ancient charm. Today it has become one of the meeting places of the city nightlife, with the famous Chiringuito.

  3. Pinacoteca Metropolitana Corrado Giaquinto - Excellent opportunity to learn about Apulian art and culture, inside the Corrado Giaquinto Art Gallery in the Palazzo della Provincia, overlooking the seafront.

  4. Arco delle Meraviglie - Along the Strada Arco Meraviglia you can admire the famous Arco delle Meraviglie, the symbol of Romeo and Juliet of Bari. According to popular stories, in fact, it would have been built in just one night to facilitate the elopement of two young people , whose sentiment was hampered by families.

  5. Il Turco e la Befana - In the streets of Bari Vecchia (precisely at number 10 of Strada Quercia) you will happen to see a man's head with a mustache and a turban protruding from an architrave of a house. It is the Head of the Turk. It is believed that he was a Saracen warrior who governed the city who, disliked by the local population because he had tried to impose the cult of Islam, tried to regain the favor of the people of Bari by challenging one of the two witches of the Bari tradition, Befanì. According to legend, Befanì appeared on the night of December 5 to mark the homes of those who were to die within the year and anyone she met was beheaded. The same fate befell Mufarrag whose head, rolling, stuck in the architrave.



Do you want to discover the city more deeply through Bari's Best Gay Tours? We recommend the following local operators:

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What to See near Bari ?

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