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Gay Guide • EINDHOVEN | What to See, Where to Stay, Best Gay Bars and Restaurants | LGBT Guide


Discover this City with our Quick and Practical Guide to Visit the Best Attractions, Savor Typical Dishes and Have Fun in the Best Gay Bars. All this through the Rainbow Eyes of the World Mappers


What to See, Best Places to Sleep, Where to Eat and to Have Fun in EINDHOVEN ?

Find it out with the World Mappers !




Philips Museum

The old factory where Philips produced its first incandescent light bulb. In the heart of the city, it is an unmissable stop in Eindhoven (called the City of Light). The building has undergone an extensive renovation, becoming an interactive museum where you can discover the history of the multinational from its beginnings to the most modern technological innovations.

Flying Pins in Eindhoven

At the intersection of John F Kennedylaan and Fellenoord, passersby are amazed by huge flying yellow pins and a bowling ball wedged into the ground. Known as the Flying Pins, this art installation was built in 2000 by artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen to indicate Eindhoven's impact on the European Union at the turn of the millennium and has now become one of the city's symbols.


Not to be missed in Eindhoven. A long street (the longest in the Netherlands) dedicated to nightlife, also known as "Stratum". 225 meters of street with more than 50 bars, some of which are open 24 hours a day.

Van Abbemuseum

One of the main museums to see in Eindhoven and one of the most important in Europe for modern and contemporary art. Numerous works by Picasso, Chagall, Rodin or Kandinsky are part of a collection of 1,000 sculptures, 700 paintings and much more. The building in which the Van Abbemuseum is housed is a spectacular project by the Dutch architect Abel Cahen.

Strijp-S District

Although a bit far from the center, a visit to this district is a must in Eindhoven. In it were the old Philips factories, as well as the houses of its workers, an area in which there was no possibility of entering if you were not part of the company. Today the area has been redeveloped and houses modern restaurants, shops of all kinds, shared workspaces and luxurious lofts.

Strijp-R District

Famous for the eco-space created by Piet Hein Ekk, national design icon. An art gallery with traveling exhibitions, a shop for decoration and antiques lovers, a studio and a restaurant with a wide variety of wines have made this neighborhood another Eindhoven must.

St. Catharinakerk

The church of St. Catherine is one of the main monuments to see in Eindhoven. In neo-Gothic style, its 70 meter high towers are visible from anywhere in the city. Having survived the Second World War, the marks left by the bombings of 1942 can still be seen today.

Downtown Gourmet Market

The perfect place to refuel while visiting Eindhoven. Two central and 21 local bars offer whatever you want: burgers, wood-fired pizzas, Turkish, Japanese, Indian, Afghani, Vietnamese, Mexican cuisine and much more. (Remember that for security reasons at the Downtown Gourmet Market you can only pay by credit card!)

DAF Museum

Eindhoven has been the home of DAF, one of the largest truck (and, at one time, automobile) manufacturers in Europe since the company was founded in 1928. One of the most famous museums in the southern Netherlands, the DAF Museum is a testament to the success of the company (which together with Philips made the city famous) and includes a replica of the original workshops and offices.

PSV Eindhoven Museum

Eindhoven is the home of Philips Sport Vereniging (PSV), one of the most successful football clubs in Europe. The club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014 and its history is on display at the PSV Eindhoven Museum (PSV Musée).



Visiting this city at its best depends essentially on how long you have to fully enjoy it. Here is a solution based on the number of days available to you:

  • Day 1 - Complete Eindhoven - Google Maps

  • Extra - PreHistorisch Dorp (from Train Station) - Google Maps

  • Extra - Van Gogh Village, Nuenen (from Train Station) - Google Maps

(By opening the Maps with Google, you can easily follow our itinerary)



We advise you to book the best excursions here: Viator - Musement - Get Your Guide

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Maastricht & Aachen



Click'nGo - Click on Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

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The Social Hub Eindhoven **** ® Tested by World Mappers


When you arrive in Eindhoven it is impossible not to notice the skyscraper that houses this hotel. A 24-storey red brick building that stands out over the city center, a short walk from Eindhoven Central Station. A hotel with a fresh, young and modern style that impressed us with the originality of the furnishings and the hospitality of the staff.

The Social Hub Eindhoven is more than just a hotel. Co-working spaces, relaxation areas, student rooms, gym and much more. We stayed in a room on the 23rd floor with an unrivaled view over the city center. Waking up in the morning and watching the sun rise over the city is something magical. Last, but not least (especially for Marco), the rich and good breakfast... let's not exaggerate in saying that we ate the best eggs with bacon ever tasted!

Discover other hotels of this fantastic chain:




€€ - Design Hotspot Kazerne ® Tested by World Mappers

€€ - Down Town Gourmet Market ® Tested by World Mappers

€€ - PHOOD Kitchen ® Tested by World Mappers

€€ - Fifth NRE

€€ - De Vooruitgang

€€ - Radio Royal




Eindhoven amazed us with its young and inclusive spirit. Here you can truly be yourself without fear of being judged. A modern city, full of charm and with major redevelopment interventions that in recent years have made it one of the most avant-garde cities in Europe. And also when it comes to the gay scene, it has nothing to envy to the nearby and more famous Amsterdam, with a great variety of queer events suitable for any need. Here are some of the best known places in the LGBTQ + scene in the city:

Genestho (Gay Bar) ® Tested by World Mappers

De Regenboog (Gay Bar)

Café Genestho (Gay Bar)

Pallaz (Gay Bar)

Pand54 (Gay Bar)

Café 100 Watt (Gay Friendly Bar)

RGB CAFE (Gay Friendly Club & Silent Disco)

LAB-1 (Gay Friendly Bar)

Bobby’s Bar (Gay Friendly Bar)

Vane SkyBar (Gay Friendly Bar & Panoramic View)

Thomas Bar (Gay Freindly Bar)

Don't miss the events organized by DayDayGay (DDG), an association, based in Eindhoven, which celebrates queer culture with a wide variety of events, from poetry clubs to drag queens bingo to club nights. "Founded by queer people for queer people". For more info see the association page here.


TRAVEL TIPS about EINDHOVEN by World Mappers

  • In mid-November each year, Eindhoven hosts the international light art festival, the Glow Eindhoven light art Festival, with artists from all over the world transforming the city into a wonderland filled with colored lights. Illuminations and art installations transform streets and buildings every night for a whole week. Official site:

  • Another important annual festival is Lichtjesroute, held every autumn to celebrate the liberation of the city from German occupation in 1944.

  • PreHistorisch Dorp (prehistoric village) - One of Eindhoven's most unusual attractions. The PreHistorisch Dorp is a replica of a prehistoric village, complete with dwellings and displays of past activity. An open-air museum that recreates the life of this and subsequent eras, including the Roman era and the early Middle Ages, with costumed interpreters, daily activities and workshops.

  • What to do in Eindhoven if you want a special lunch or dinner? Kazerne is definitely the place to be. This former industrial barracks is now an impressive art gallery and restaurant with show kitchen. A la carte menu, or the opportunity to try a 3 or 4 course tasting made with seasonal and biodynamic products.

  • And what better way to end a visit to this trendy city than with a good cocktail? The Little Bar One is the oldest bar in town, opened in 1684, and one of the smallest in the world, with a venue that seats just 8 people. Without a doubt, the best way to end a day of travel.

  • Eindhoven is full of Street Art works. We advise you to take a bicycle and cycle to discover the most famous and appreciated works. The Lofzang tunnels and the Roffart, with a beautiful piece of Lampje, one of the most famous street art artists in the region, are just some of the places where you can admire the street art of the city. Fans of this genre will not be disappointed.

  • An experience not to be missed is VR Games at Enversed, the largest virtual reality center in Europe where you can try many experiences.

  • In the Strip-R district, don't miss the former Philips industrial building redeveloped by the famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek who transformed it into his design studio (Piet Hein Eek Studios Design).

  • An attraction of over a thousand square meters where the light will take you beyond the imagination, welcome to the Motion Imagination Experience one of the places in Eindhoven not to be missed.


Instagrammable Places to See in Eindhoven

Don't miss the best instagrammable places in Eindhoven, here are our favorites:

  1. Hartje Rio - Just behind Philip's stadium you will find the building called Hartje Rio, located in the 'Hartje Eindhoven' area. The facade is covered with glass rhombuses. The bottom-up pattern creates a perfect backdrop for an instagrammable photo.

  2. De Hovenring - A circular cycle bridge that offers very special perspectives.

  3. Volta Galvani - The district of Woensel with its colorful houses and the large gateway is reminiscent of a Mediterranean village rather than a city in the Netherlands.

  4. Silly Walks Tunnel - A tunnel dedicated to bicycles where you can take great photographs.

  5. Berenkuil - About a twenty minute walk from the station or ten minutes by bike is the Berenkuil, an open-air museum for street art.


Unusual and Particular Places to See in Eindhoven

Outside the classic places to visit of the city, there is a "Secret Eindhoven" that has simply bewitched us. Here are the 5 Things and Places to See of the Secret Eindhoven (and Surroundings):

  1. The Blob - A very impressive and futuristic building in the center of Eindhoven. It is the gateway to the De Admirant shopping center. Made of glass and steel, it was designed by the Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas and is a must-see attraction in Eindhoven for taking great pictures.

  2. Evoluon - This unusual flying saucer-shaped building was once a science museum, but now serves as a conference center and was created by electronics giant Philips. Thanks to its bizarre nature it has become a tourist reference point and one of the icons of Eindhoven.

  3. Eindhoven Bottle Distillery - This small, family-run brewery is a charming and welcoming place, a pleasant find in the city of Eindhoven. The owner is extremely friendly and will be more than happy to share his knowledge of the brewing and brewing process with you.

  4. Van Gogh Village, Nuenen - Just eight kilometers northeast of Eindhoven is the picture-perfect village of Nuenen, world famous for Vincent Van Gogh who lived here from 1883 to 1885. Don't miss the Vincentre, the dedicated museum to the artist and his time spent in Nuenen.

  5. Vestedatoren - Don't miss Eindhoven's "Flat Iron", an extraordinary building reminiscent of that of New York, covered in glass and stone.



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