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Gay Guide • GRAN CANARIA | Itineraries, Tips and What to See | Practical Complete LGBT Friendly


Travel solutions with itineraries to discover all the wonders of this destination, places not to be missed, tips about where to sleep and what to eat, and above all many small special tips to enjoy your journey !

Welcome to Gran Canaria, in the province of Las Palmas, which also includes Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Graciosa and several islets. Formerly Tamarán for the Guanches (land of brave), it was called this way by the conquistadors in reference to the presence of a large number of dogs of enormous size, while the adjective Gran was added later to indicate the superiority of the island over the others. and courage and therefore worthy of extending its name to the entire Archipelago.


Visiting this island at its best depends essentially on how long you have to fully enjoy it. Here is a solution based on the number of days available to you:

  • Day 1 - Las Palmas + Arucas, Teror, Agaete & Mirador de El Balcón - Google Maps

  • Day 2 - Puerto de Mogán & Dunas de Maspalomas + Relax & Beach - Google Maps

  • Day 3 - Ventana del Nublo, Roque Nublo Tejeda & Artenara - Google Maps

  • Day 4 - El Bufadero, Telde, Agüimes & Barranco de las Vacas - Google Maps

(By opening the Maps with Google, you can easily follow our path)


Click'n'Go - Click on the places to find them on the Map




Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The capital of the island, a very interesting and pleasant city where you can get lost in the cobbled streets of the charming neighborhood of Vegueta, the area where Las Palmas was founded, with historic buildings and truly picturesque alleys. Don't forget to visit the Casa-Museo de Colón, admire the Catedral de Santa Ana, the Aldredo Kraus auditorium or explore the Triana neighborhood and take a stroll down Calle Mayor.

Maspalomas Dunes

It is a protected natural reserve where you will feel like you are in the Sahara desert. You will find very curious animals such as pink flamingos or giant lizards. Not far from the dunes it is possible to visit the Maspalomas lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in use in all the Canaries and one of the icons of this island. We recommend the dunes at sunrise or sunset, to enjoy them in better light.

Puerto de Mogán

The so-called "Venice of the Canary Islands". A beautiful fishing village with a postcard port, narrow streets overlooked by white houses and small restaurants where you can taste local specialties. A word of advice, don't miss the Friday market. Puerto de Mogán is also one of the best spots on the island for boat trips in search of dolphins and whales.

Tejeda, Roque Nublo & Ventana del Nublo

In the central part of the island of Gran Canaria you cannot miss the pretty town of Tejeda immersed in a spectacular natural setting with steep alleys and houses embellished with typical Canarian-style balconies. Not far away you can admire one of the highest natural monoliths in the world, the Roque Nublo, almost 90 meters high. Following a path of about 1.5 km you will meet the Ventana del Nublo, a natural stone arch that seems to frame the Roque Nublo.


From here you will have one of the most beautiful views on the island of Gran Canaria (the Mirador de Unamuno is the most famous viewpoint). It is a place surrounded by a beautiful landscape of rocks and pine forests, where it is possible to know how people lived until a few decades ago, in the typical cave houses, many of which today have been converted into farmhouses.

Agaete & Puerto de las Nieves

Another must-see in Gran Canaria is the beautiful seaside village of Agaete. The Porto de las Nieves area with its blue and white houses and lots of little restaurants will make you feel like you are in Greece. Agaete is famous for its natural salt water pools, which are now easily accessible for swimming. But be careful, the water is very cold. A few kilometers from Agaete you enter the Agaete Valley, characterized by a very favorable microclimate for the cultivation of coffee and grapes. Don't miss a visit to the Finca de La Laja.

Teror & Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pino

In the small village of Teror, with its colorful houses and typical Canarian balconies, you will find the famous Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pino where the image of the Virgen del Pino is preserved, whose appearance in the Canary Islands is shrouded in mystery.

Barranco de Las Vacas

Thanks to Instagram this place is becoming more and more famous. It is defined as the "Spanish Antelope Canyon", and the Barranco de las Vacas actually looks like the famous American canyon. The path is short but the spectacle is immense: the water, with its strength and erosion, has created walls full of curves that are a photographer's paradise. Finding the Canyon is not easy, do not stop at the sign that shows "Barranco de Las Vacas", but continue further on. You will have to park your car along the road, go down the gorge and pass under a bridge, only then will you find this magical place. In order not to be mistaken, click here to find the parking lot and the exact location where Canyon is located.


A gem off the beaten track is this magnificent town, located in the heart of Gran Canaria. It is a small village surrounded by mountains and palm oasis characterized by its white houses with exposed stones. A unique and magical place to stop for a few hours and get in touch with the soul of Gran Canaria.


A really pretty town, famous for the production of Canarian rum. Here you will find the famous Arehucas distillery, which offers guided tours and tastings. Don't miss the spectacular and majestic Iglesia de San Juan Bautista, one of the symbols of the town.


Sunbathe in one of the many beaches of Gran Canaria

Here are the ones not to be missed:

The urban beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

One of the most family-friendly beaches on the island, in the Maspalomas area

With white sand and turquoise waters

The dunes in the background and a crystalline sea, impossible not to fall in love with them

An artificial but very pretty beach. You will find calm, shallow waters with a turquoise color that is impossible to resist

Very difficult to access, but it will be worth it

In Agaete, a pebble beach surrounded by mountains

Pebbles and crystal clear waters will make you love this beach


There are tons of options for trekking and excursions on the island of Gran Canaria. One of the most beautiful walks you can take in Gran Canaria is the one that will take you to Güigüí beach. Starting from the village of Tasartico, you have to walk for about 5 km with some rather bumpy sections, but you will arrive at one of the most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria.

Relax in a Spa or Thermal Baths

Did you know that Gran Canaria has tons of spas, spas, thalassotherapy centers and places to take care of yourself? Super recommended is the Thalasso Gloria Amadores in Maspalomas.

Take a dip in the past in the Parque Arqueológico de Maipés

To get in touch with the culture of the aborigines who lived on the island before the arrival of the Spaniards. In this archaeological site, a necropolis preserved thanks to lava, it is possible to see the remains of about 700 tombs dating back more than a thousand years.

Visit the Museo y Parque Arqueológico Cueva Pintada

Another place not to be missed linked to the origins of the island is the Cueva Pintada, where you can see some pre-Hispanic cave paintings.

Taste the Coffee of the Finca La Laja in the Agaete Valley

A farm of over 200 years. Grapes, avocados, oranges and coffee are just some of the Finca's products. Open to the public with guided tours to discover the long tradition of this place (for more info click here).


Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

One of the most famous events on the whole island. Just think that it has been celebrated since 1521. In 2017 it was declared a holiday of tourist interest and every year it gathers thousands of people on the streets of Las Palmas to enjoy the murgas, the batucadas and the election of the Carnival Queen and the Carnival Drag Queen.

Maspalomas Pride

The island's most anticipated LGBTQ + event is usually held in May. Ten days of colorful parades, events and parties. There is also a winter version, the Maspalomas Winter Pride.



Gran Canaria is one of the most popular beach destinations for the LGBT community in Europe. Gay Friendly or Gay Men Only facilities are almost all located in Maspalomas and near the Yumbo Centrum area.

Maspalomas (South) - AxelBeach Maspalomas ****

Maspalomas (South) - Gay Hotel Club Torso ***

Maspalomas (South) - Vista Bonita LGBTI Resort ***

Maspalomas (South) - Villa Adler Gay Men Only ***

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (North) - EXE Las Palmas ****




The "Bochinche" Canario is the typical inn that you will find on the island, where you can eat and drink in an environment similar to our Italian farmhouses. In Tenerife, on the other hand, they are called Guacinche.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - €€€ - Deliciosa Marta

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - €€ - Restaurante Que Leche!

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - €€ - El Arrosar

San Bartolomé de Tirajana - €€€ - Calma Chicha Restaurant

San Bartolomé de Tirajana - €€ - Restaurante Gofio Zurich

Maspalomas - €€ - Restaurante Grill La Casa Vieja

Maspalomas - €€ - Restaurante Mundo

Arucas - €€ - Casa Brito

Agaete - €€ - Restaurante Dedo De Dios (excellent Churros de Pescado!)

Tejeda - €€ - Restaurant Texeda

Telde - €€ - El Populacho

Puerto de Mogán - €€ - Restaurante Jack El Negro

Puerto de Mogán - €€ - Que Tal By Stena

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - €€ - Mercado del Puerto (several refreshment points)



Papas Arrugadas con Mojo

The most common dish of the Canaries, are "shriveled" potatoes with salt and a spicy sauce with coriander, basil or chilli known as Mojo

Ropa Vieja Canaria

Stew with meat and chickpeas

Conejo al Salmorejo

Marinated rabbit accompanied by a cold tomato soup (Salmorejo)

Churros de Pescado

Fried fish in batter

Escaldón de Gofio

Also called "Pan de los Canarios", it is a very traditional mix of roasted cereals

Queso Asado

Grilled cheese often accompanied by sauces


A typical dessert of the Canary Islands with wheat flour and almonds

Honey Rum

Ideal to end a good Canarian meal

TRAVEL TIPS about GRAN CANARIA by World Mappers

  • Gran Canaria's LGBTQ + life revolves around the Yumbo Centrum in Maspalomas. Here you will find many Gay Bars and Clubs for all tastes. Among the most famous ones:

Mardi Gras

Macho Macho bei André

Coco Loco Bar


Bärenhöhle - Bearcave

  • Not far from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we recommend that you visit Agüimes, one of the first inhabited centers since the Spanish conquest of the island. It was once an episcopal village but today it offers a wide range of farmhouses in contact with nature.

  • If you are a tapas lover, don't miss the Ruta de Tapas on Calle Mendizábal, Las Palmas on Thursday nights. With just a few euros you can go from bar to bar tasting lots of local tapas and a good beer.

  • Also in Las Palmas you should definitely try the Mercato del Puerto, a nice and very picturesque market ideal for Tapas and to taste local specialties. We went to Piscos & Buches, a delight for the palate!


Enjoy the whole area from one of its fantastic Viewpoints. Our favorites are:

El Balcón

One of the most beautiful viewpoints on the island with a breathtaking view of the ocean. It is located on the road from Agaete to Aldea de San Nicolás.

Mirador de Unamuno

Located in Artenara, its name is dedicated to the Spanish writer Unamuno. From here you can observe the view of the volcanic caldera.

Pico de los Pozos

Another unmissable viewpoint and the highest on the island is the “Pico de los Pozos” viewpoint, almost 2,000 meters above sea level. the ideal place to watch the sunset. It's cloudy? it doesn't matter, even better, in fact from here you will feel like you are in a dream when you see how the island of Tenerife appears in the background floating in a sea of ​​clouds.

Mirador Degollada de La Yegua

From here you will have a spectacular view of the valley leading to Fataga on one side, and of Maspalomas and the dunes on the other.

Mirador Altavista

The panoramic point from which to observe the whole city of Las Palmas from above.


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