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GLAMPING IN ITALY | Sleeping in the Hobbit House and Sleeping in a Gypsy Wagon | Review & Prices

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amazing Gay Friendly Hotel

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City: Villa Minozzo (RE)

Category: Agriturismo

World Mappers' Rating: 8/10


If you are a Lord of the Rings lover, this article is for you. To sleep in a Hobbit House, you don't need to go to New Zealand (or Middle-Earth), just go to Emilia Romagna, to Villa Minozzo, to the Glamping in Italy farmhouse. Here you can choose between three different accommodations: the Hobbit House, the Gypsy Wagon and the Goat Cottage. We tried the first two!

Once you arrive at Glamping in Italy, you are greeted by the smile and kindness of Jill, the owner, a nice English lady who, having moved to Emilia Romagna, has created this magical world to give her guests a special accommodation experience.


The Hobbit House is surrounded by meadows and woods and is characterized by the unmistakable round door. The whole house, as well as all the structures of Glamping in Italy, is entirely eco-sustainable and made with recycled and recovered materials found by Jill in the various second-hand markets in the area. Inside is a small space heater perfect for autumn nights, a double bed and a fully stocked kitchen (Hobbits are known to like to eat). Outside, however, there is a lovely barbecue area with grill, table and chairs for preparing tasty grilled food on summer days or warming up over a bonfire on autumn evenings.

At Glamping in Italy, even the bathroom is eco-sustainable. No running water but a compostable toilet with sawdust.

There is no electricity here.. when the sun sets, as if by magic, many small lights (powered by solar panels) light up, creating a truly romantic atmosphere. Additionally, the Hobbit house is stocked with candles to light in the evening. Closing the round door at dusk and thinking of falling asleep in Middle-Earth is an experience worth trying.


The other structure of Glamping in Italy where we slept is the Gypsy Caravan, "Millie's Vardo", parked at the end of a field. Hand built by Jill and her daughter, the Gypsy Wagon is a real carriage painted in bright colors inside and out, and equipped with a small kitchen and a double bed. Entering the carriage, a cute little world opens up, like a dollhouse on wheels.

In the Gypsy Wagon, the compostable bathroom is outside and the water in the shower flows from an old watering can.

Night falls and the magic comes on here too. Thousands of lights light up and keep company with the stars in the sky (it's been a while since we've seen so many of them).

Here at Glamping in Italy you can pick vegetables from the garden, have fresh eggs and enjoy an above ground pool. Each property has a private barbecue area and compostable toilets.

As Jill always points out, all the Glamping facilities are in "a rural setting, there are dogs, cats, bugs, chickens and wild animals..", thing to be considered at the time of booking.


Glamping in Italy is located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, a perfect area for beautiful walks and day trips. We advise you not to miss these places:

  • Borgo Votigno di Canossa, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

  • Pietra di Bismantova (pictured below), the famous rock also mentioned by Dante in The Purgatorio. The most beautiful panoramic point to admire it from afar is located right along the road that leads to Glamping in Italy (click here to find the panoramic point)

  • Golfarone waterfalls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Emilia Romagna


For a special experience in contact with nature and with full respect for the environment. To feel for a day like a Hobbit in Middle-Earth or a gypsy aboard his carriage. To live for a few days with only the essentials, forgetting the internet, technology and social media to fully enjoy what the environment has to offer, free your mind and rediscover what has by now been forgotten.


  • Free Parking

  • WiFi Internet (near Jill's house)

  • Indoor Kitchen

  • Shared Summer Pool

  • LGBT Friendly Staff

Click Here below to find out How Much it Costs and the Prices of the rooms!


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