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ICEHOTEL SWEDEN | Sleeping in an Ice Hotel in Lapland | Review, Temperature and Prices

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amazing Gay Friendly Hotel

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City: Jukkasjärvi (Sweden)

Category: 3*

World Mappers' Rating: 10/10


Sleeping in an ice hotel? Yes, it is possible, welcome to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland! A unique experience in a very special accommodation.

Every year since 1989, international architects, artists and designers have been designing and building from scratch a real hotel made entirely of ice that welcomes guests from all over the world from December until its melting in spring. Talking about rooms is an understatement because they are real works of art. Each different from the other and with a theme. We slept in the Art Suite 209, a work by Nicolas Triboulot and Fernand Manzi and known as UV, where the walls made up of geometrically arranged ice cubes are illuminated by ultraviolet lights, creating a truly spectacular effect.

When the doors of the IceHotel are opened, it feels like entering the Disney Frozen castle: corridors, columns, chandeliers and even a ceremony hall where you can get married. All entirely in ice. A magical atmosphere that we will not easily forget.

If you have not booked one or more nights in this ice hotel, no problem, you can also simply visit this hotel / museum with a ticket (click here to find out the cost of the ticket). Also, if you are scared to sleep wrapped in ice, don't worry, the hotel staff provides all customers with a sheet and a sleeping bag designed for low temperatures in which you can sleep well. If, on the other hand, you want to try this adventure, the temperature inside the rooms fluctuates between -5 ° C and -7 ° C.

How do you sleep in the IceHotel? Arriving at the hotel and after the classic check-in, you go to a second reception where a sort of changing room is assigned where you can change and leave all your luggage, clothes and jackets. In the same structure there are the bathrooms (where you can also go during the night in case of need), the saunas and a lobby open 24 hours a day, where you can relax. Don't forget to charge your mobile phone before going to your room because there are no electrical sockets in the ice rooms (the staff will also provide you with a special case to store your mobile phone).

The staff recommends sleeping wearing only thermal underwear, a hat and socks, in this way, wrapped in the sleeping bag they provide (suitable for extreme temperatures), you can sleep in total comfort. The bed is obviously made of ice but you sleep on a comfortable "traditional" mattress covered with reindeer skins. Sleeping literally surrounded by ice is a unique experience that makes a trip to Swedish Lapland unforgettable.

If you don't feel like trying this unique experience, the IceHotel also has "hot" rooms and you can visit the ice rooms of the hotel every day before 6pm, an hour from which those who have booked an ice room can access them. . In total, the IceHotel includes 44 traditional rooms, 28 chalets, standard ice rooms and art suites, ice meeting rooms, a ceremony hall, bar and restaurant.

The experiences offered by the IceHotel are many: We tried the aperitif at the Ice Bar, the bar entirely made of ice where cocktails are served in glasses, obviously, of ice.

Another experience to try is the Ice Dinner at the hotel restaurant. The restaurant is traditional but here the ice meets a cuisine that mixes traditional and modern elements for real small works of art.

A fun fact about the IceHotel? Being made of ice, the rooms after the winter season melt, to be rebuilt the following year. So you will hardly find the same rooms every year as they are created every time.

All that remains is to start to cover yourself well and experience a unique adventure on your skin, the IceHotel is waiting for you!


There are at least a thousand reasons to choose to sleep in the IceHotel but certainly because it is a unique and unforgettable experience to try at least once in a lifetime!

When will it happen again in your life to be able to sleep in a hotel made entirely of ice?


  • Free Parking

  • Airport shuttle (payment)

  • Bar & Café

  • WiFi internet

  • Reception 24 hours a day

  • Indoor Warm Restaurant

  • Internal Cold IceBar

  • Non-smoking rooms

  • Health centre

  • LGBT Friendly Staff

Click Here below to find out How Much it Costs and the Prices of the rooms!


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