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TRULLIePUGLIA RESORT | Sleep in a Typical Trullo in Puglia | Review and Prices

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City: ALBEROBELLO (Puglia)

Category: Albergo Diffuso

World Mappers' Rating: 10/10


Have you ever stayed in a Trullo, the traditional Apulian building recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site? We did it thanks to Trulli and Puglia Resort, an "Albergo Diffuso" (i.e. an accommodation with a main reception and rooms scattered throughout the territory) in the heart of Alberobello, the symbolic country of Italy all over the world. An experience that we have always dreamed of and that we will carry in our hearts forever.

Arrived in Alberobello we find Mimmo, the owner for welcoming us. His radiance is simply amazing: we can safely say that we have never received such a warm welcome. Feeling welcome and pampered from the moment of arrival does not always happen, but with Trulli and Puglia we felt this way throughout our stay.

Being with Mimmo is like being with a family. He introduces us to his mother Cosima, his girlfriend Francesca and the guys on the staff. A close-knit group, ready to put itself at the service of the visitor who is not seen as a customer, but as a member of this large family.

After check-in procedures, the moment we were looking forward to has finally come (we were very excited): finally seeing an authentic trullo inside, but above all, sleeping in it. Something that doesn't happen every day. Calling it a room would be extremely reductive. The trullo that Mimmo has reserved for us (closer the main street of Alberobello) is a real suite equipped with every comfort: bathroom accessible to the disabled (which is anything but taken for granted for a traditional hotel, let alone a trullo), kitchen with every type of appliance, two bedrooms, a wonderful internal courtyard surrounded by the roofs of other trulli and even in a small well in the room directly connected to an underground cistern.

There are three types of trullo offered by Trulli and Puglia: Trullo Classic, Trullo Superior and Trullo Suite. All expertly restored and furnished in a classic and elegant way. Whatever solution you book, we guarantee that it will not disappoint you.

Mimmo is not only a hotelier but also a tour guide. Could we not take advantage of it? Absolutely not! We then set off to discover Alberobello with our exceptional guide. The highlight was certainly discovering how an ancient trullo is made and how the locals lived there (Mimmo personally opened a trullo museum there). In this experience we have noticed the great passion and love that Mimmo feels towards his country and the desire to transmit all this to others. It was really an honor for us to be able to learn more about the history and traditions of a place like Alberobello, one of the symbols of our beautiful country.

But it's not over here. What Mimmo has reserved for us is an all-round experience and therefore after the Walking Tour, a special Wine Tasting is waiting for us. This time we find the welcoming Francesca, Mimmo's fiancée, who makes us sit at the tables of the Trulli and Puglia Wine Bar (needless to underline the fantastic welcome reserved by Francesca, apparently the art of hospitality is really family). Seven different types of wine await us accompanied by as many perfectly matched dishes.

A real food and wine journey through the Apulian flavors and traditions, very well guided by the experience of Francesca who illustrates each wine and each course. If you like what you taste you can buy it and take it home as a souvenir of this wonderful land (just like we did).

By now you have understood that Trulli and Puglia is not just hospitality but a 360 degree experience. The services offered by the structure are:

  • Guided Tour

  • Wine and Local Products Tasting

  • Cooking Class

  • Bike Rental

  • Transfers & Taxis


Discovering the history of the trulli and Alberobello has fascinated us so much that we try to propose it again for you. The origin of these dry stone buildings, generally grouped in small communities, is not entirely clear, but it is estimated that they date back to the Middle Ages. The name, Trulli, derives from the Greek word tholos, which means "dome" and recalls the cylindrical shape surmounted by a cone typical of these buildings. The thickness of the walls and the absence of openings, with the exception of the entrance door, allow the thermal insulation of the interior of the structure (cool in summer, warm in winter).

The roof is made up of chianche (limestone which creates the internal part of the roof, which is self-supporting) and chiancarelle (the outermost layer made up of smaller slabs). The roof is completed by a stone decoration which takes on the most varied forms. In addition, propitiatory symbols that can have pagan or Christian origins are often painted on the "tiles". Legend tells that the farmers who lived in the trulli demolished their houses when they knew that a tax inspector would arrive. When the debt collector left, the trulli were rebuilt.


Our experience from Trulli and Puglia can be summed up in one simple sentence: feeling at home. This is how Mimmo and his family made us feel from the moment we arrived until we left. If to all this we add the fact of being in the fantastic and exclusive setting of Alberobello, the game is made.

It is impossible not to fall in love with this place and hope that the stay will last as long as possible. Thanks Mimmo! This, however, is a see you again!


  • Bar & Coffee

  • Shuttle to the Airport (payment)

  • Free WiFi

  • Air conditioning

  • Non smoking rooms

  • Gay Friendly Staff

© Photographs of the Hotel by Le Velo Fotografia

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