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JUMBO STAY | Sleeping in a Airplane Hostel | Review and Prices

Discover the Review of this

amazing Gay Friendly Hotel

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City: Arlanda (Stockholm)

Category: Hostel

World Mappers' Rating: 8/10


We dedicate this article to one of the most particular and unique hotels we have ever slept in: The Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, a decommissioned Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet converted into a hotel, right next to Stockholm's Arlanda airport. Reaching it is very simple, just take the free ALFA shuttle bus at bus stop 3 of the Arlanda terminal to the Jumbo Stay stop, right in front of the Jumbo Stay Hotel. From 5 am until midnight the bus leaves every 15 minutes. After midnight the shuttle bus connects with the arriving and departing flights. For this reason, staying in this particular Stockholm hotel is also perfect for those who have to stop over in Stockholm, sleep and leave for another destination.

Sleeping in a plane is not an experience you can do every day and being able to do it at Jumbo Stay was truly unique. Getting in front of an old Boeing 747 was really exciting, we were in front of a real giant of the skies. Huge, with its very long wings, right there next to us.

On board the Boeing 474 jumbo jet there are different room categories, for a total of 33 rooms and 76 beds. The dormitory in the quadruple room, the standard rooms, the rooms inside the four engines of the Boeing, the Jumbo Stay Engine Rooms, and the suite in the cockpit, the Cockpit Suite right where the pilots once took the controls of the plane . Some rooms have a private toilet and shower, otherwise you have access to a separate and shared shower and toilet (spotless). The rooms are small but sufficient to stay comfortably and it is possible to store the luggage in the real overhead bins of the plane. Waking up and looking out of a typical airplane window is truly an unforgettable experience.

For breakfast you go to the hotel bar, also open for non-customers, available in self-service mode from 3 am (perfect for those who have to return to Arlanda airport). Have you ever walked on the wing of an airplane? Here at Jumbo Stay you can! On the observation deck, on the left wing of the Boeing, where you can go out, perhaps sipping a good coffee.

On board the former Boeing 747 it is also possible to rent a meeting room that is unique in the world, on the upper deck of the plane with the original first class seats from 1976, the year in which the Boeing was decommissioned.

For more information and reservations click on the official website STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm.


To sleep in a Unique and Alternative Hotel near Stockholm Arlanda Airport. A special and unforgettable experience to try at least once in a lifetime. Also perfect for those who have to make a stopover in Stockholm. Definitely one of the coolest stays in the world at a reasonable price.


  • Free Parking

  • Free Airport Shuttle

  • Luggage Storage

  • Whirlpool & Jacuzzi

  • Bar & Café

  • WiFi Internet

  • Reception 24 hours a day

  • Indoor Restaurant

  • Non-smoking rooms

  • Health centre

  • LGBT Friendly Staff

Click Here below to find out How Much it Costs and the Prices of the rooms!

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