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TREEHOTEL | Sleeping in a Treehouse or UFO in Lapland - Sweden | Review and Prices

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amazing Gay Friendly Hotel

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City: Harads (Sweden)

Category: 4*

World Mappers' Rating: 10/10


Raise your hand if you have never dreamed of sleeping in a tree house. In Sweden you can, at the Treehotel in Harads, in Swedish Lapland just sixty kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

Here, in a beautiful forest, stand the Treehotel tree rooms born from the dream of Kent Lindvall and Britta Jonsson-Lindvall and created thanks to the contribution of famous architects and designers. There are seven rooms on the trees of the Treehotel in total (but new ones are already planned), perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment and in total respect. Each room is different from the other, with a unique design, all suspended between 4 and 10 meters high, and equipped with eco-friendly toilets (with incineration) and a sustainable water system with 3 liters of water. Guests also have access to a wood-burning sauna, always suspended between the trees.

Each room on the trees has a name and a specific identity!

Click'n'Go - Click on the room name to open the site and discover the inside!


A cube of mirrors suspended between the trees that reflects the surrounding environment blending perfectly with the forest.

Treehotel BIRD’S NEST

A giant nest made up of branches, just like real bird nests.

Treehotel THE CABIN

A cabin suspended high up in the trees just in front of the Lule River valley.

Treehotel 7TH ROOM

The last room built here at the TreeHotel with the lower part entirely covered with a maxi photograph of the trees that support the room.

Treehotel THE UFO

The funniest of the rooms and the one preferred by children, a real UFO landed in the trees.


This is the largest of the Treehotel's seven rooms, with designer interiors and large panoramic windows.


Unlike the name, it is a beautiful tree house, made of red wood.

But do you know where we ended up sleeping? In the Bird's Nest. A real nest in the trees built with many intertwined branches and a small ladder that as if by magic automatically descends from the center of the structure to be able to climb. Inside there are four beds, a table where you can eat and a bathroom.

Here at the Treehotel there are not only the seven design rooms in the trees, but also the Treehotel Guesthouse (from where Kent and Britta's business started) with other rooms, the restaurant and a beautiful bonfire in front of which to relax with a good cup of hot coffee, always available to guests.

On request, you can even be picked up at Luleå airport by a helicopter that takes guests directly to the center of the Treehotel's forest. Furthermore, the activities offered by the hotel to its guests are many. Snowmobiling, Frozen Lake Fishing, Forest Yoga, Snowshoeing and much more.


To live a unique experience in a particular accommodation immersed in the magic of the Swedish Lapland woods. It is not often that you can sleep on trees in designer rooms in a truly unique context in the world. Choose your favorite room and live this magical experience. Whether you are looking for an adventure, a relaxing getaway or a special experience, the Treehotel in Harads, and its rooms in the trees, is the place you are looking for.


  • Free Parking

  • Airport Shuttle (payment)

  • Luggage Storage

  • Whirlpool & Jacuzzi

  • Bar & Café

  • WiFi internet

  • Reception 24 hours a day

  • Indoor Restaurant

  • Non-smoking Rooms

  • Wellness Area

  • LGBT Friendly Staff

Click Here below to find out How Much it Costs and the Prices of the rooms!


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