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VIETNAM | Culinary Journey into Local Flavors and Typical Foods


Discover the local cuisine of Vietnam through its typical food for a real journey into the flavors and aromas of this country !


One of the things that impressed us while traveling in Vietnam was its cuisine. Rich, varied and mainly influenced by Chinese cuisine, with rice and noodles as basic ingredients and a spicy touch, as well as French cuisine which has left its legacy in many dishes and flavors. Let's discover together the typical dishes of Vietnamese cuisine, dishes that are easy to find and enjoy in most of the country.


PHO (Noodle Soup)

The national dish and daily option to eat anywhere, anytime. Pho is a typical noodles soup with meat (Pho Bo) or fish (Pho Ga). There are also vegetarian options (tofu). How to prepare this recipe? Click Here

GOI CUON (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

The traditional Vietnamese spring roll made with rice paper and served cold with shrimp, vegetables and accompanied by different sauces. Its fried version is Cha Gio, the main base of which is minced meat. How to prepare this recipe? Click Here

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CAU LAO (Noodles Soup)

The typical dish of Hoi An. A pork noodles soup topped with various herbs and lime. How to prepare this recipe? Click Here

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BUN CHA (Noodles with MEAT)

Another typical dish from the Hanoi area, consisting of three parts: a soup with grilled meat (Cha), rice noodles (Bum) and a plate of fresh vegetables. How to prepare this recipe? Click Here

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The Hot Pot in its Vietnamese version is one of the typical dishes of the northern areas of Vietnam. It consists of a pot where many varieties of vegetables and meat are boiled. The peculiarity of this dish is that it is placed in the center of the table and the diners cook the ingredients directly in the boiling broth. How to prepare this recipe? Click Here

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BANH MI (Vietnamese Baguette)

The perfect example of the French influence on Vietnamese gastronomy. They are the famous Vietnamese sandwiches filled with meat, pickles and fresh vegetables reminiscent of the famous French baguettes. How to prepare this recipe? Click Here

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BANH XEO (Vietnamese Crêpe)

The famous Vietnamese crêpes made with rice flour and stuffed with shrimp and vegetables. How to prepare this recipe? Click Here

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BANH BOT LOC TOM (Vietnamese Ravioli)

Another of the typical dishes of the Hanoi area. Ravioli stuffed with meat which in some areas are known as Chinese Gnocchi or Won Ton. How to prepare this recipe? Click Here

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You can't talk about Vietnam without mentioning the famous coffee with egg white, a real delicacy. How to prepare this recipe? Click Here


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The Vietnamese culinary offer is decidedly wide and varied, starting from street food offered practically on every street corner to restaurants of various kinds and levels. Also, we didn't miss a Cooking Class to learn how to cook Vietnamese rolls (Nem Ram) and a delicious savory crepe (Banh xeo). We are mostly dedicated to Street Food (cheap and very good) which in our opinion is not to be missed, but below we point out some restaurants that we have tried and that have particularly impressed us.

Here are some of the restaurants recommended by the World Mappers:

Hanoi - € - Bun Cha 34

Hanoi - €€ - Blue Butterfly

Ho Chi Minh - € - Banh Xeo 46a

Ho Chi Minh City - €€ - Rice Field Restaurant

Ho Chi Minh - €€ - Quan Bui

Hoi An - € - Banh Mi Phuong

Hoi An - €€ - Morning Glory Restaurant

Hoi An - €€ - Sea Shell

Hué - € - Hanh Restaurant

Danang - € - Hue Ngon Restaurant

Sapa - €€ - Hill Station Signature Restaurant


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