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HEYMONDO | The Best Travel Insurance to Choose | Cheap, Easy and Fast Insurance

Find out how to Choose the Best Travel Insurance for your next Trip


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Are you planning a trip and don't know which Travel Insurance to choose? In this article, we introduce you to the Insurance we rely on every time we travel.

It is often thought that it is not necessary, that nothing happens anyway (we used to think so too) but after many trips we have understood that a good travel insurance is essential to fully and serenely experience a trip, of whatever nature it may be.

Why having a Travel Insurance? The reasons are many and, let's face it, it takes very little to ruin a trip or a vacation.

Medical assistance, lost or stolen luggage, trip cancellation and early repatriation are just some of the cases in which insurance can help you solve all your problems.

In our opinion, choosing an insurance with good health coverage is essential, considering the fact that in many countries even a simple medical examination can be extremely expensive. With Heymondo the traveler does not have to open the wallet in case of medical assistance, all possible expenses are in fact covered by the insurance.

Discover all the insurance products that Heymondo offers:

  • Single trip insurance

  • Long Term Insurance

  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

  • Trip cancellation insurance

With Heymondo, taking out your travel insurance according to your needs is easy, convenient and cheap (which never hurts).

What do we like most about Heymondo? Surely assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the free and easy-to-use App, which you always have on your mobile phone. Thanks to the Heymondo App you can contact customer service from all over the world with a simple click and without having to make expensive calls.

In addition, Covid coverage is included (Medical expenses resulting from a coronavirus infection, including PCR testing if necessary, with a prescription, Medical transfer and repatriation, if return to original homeland is made impossible due to medical conditions, Expenses arising from the extension stay for medical quarantine)!

For those who, like us, are always on the go, Heymondo offers the possibility of taking out an annual multi-trip insurance policy valid for all trips planned within one year.

Furthermore, there are additional insurance covers (adventure sports, electronic equipment, trip cancellation) and there is the possibility of removing the deductible at a cost of a few euros.

Heymondo is one of the few travel insurance companies that advances medical expenses!

There are also additional discounts, in addition to the 10% you find below:

  • for families (starting from 3 people with at least one minor)

  • for groups (from 5 people) 15%

When traveling, assistance is 24/7 and through the app and you can call online, therefore without paying the SIM fee abroad for calls, but using WiFi or the data connection.

If you are planning a trip you can take out your insurance directly from here:

You will have an immediate discount of 10% for our readers on the price of the policy!

What are you waiting for?

do as we do, travel in total tranquility!


Easy, Fast, Economical and always with you on every trip.

What are you waiting for? Do as we do, travel in total tranquility!



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